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Hugo started his career as frontman for the band Valentine. The band was orignally signed with Columbia Records and released their debut album in 1990 through Warner Bros. Records. The bands video for the song “No Way” was consistently featured on MTV. Valentine also wrote and performed songs for the movie “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter Is Dead” starring Christina Applegate. Valentne's ballad "Never Said it Was Gonna be Easy" was recently ranked by Classic Rock Magazine as the #1 'Greatest Power Ballad You've Never Heard'.   
For the 2nd release, the band changed their name to Open Skyz and released their album through RCA/Giant Records. Produced by Ritchie Zito (Eddie Money, Cheap Trick, Heart, Cher) and Rob Jacobs. (Don Henley, The Eagles, U2), the album provided several singles, including the top 20 AOR single “Every Day Of My Life”. The band went on to tour with acts such as Mr. Big and KISS. 

After years of touring and searching for their dream, the band broke up. Hugo went on his own making his debut solo album recognized throughout the AOR community.


Constantly being compared to Steve Perry, he started fronting his own tribute band to keep his voice strong while releasing two more solo albums "Time On Earth" and "Fire In The Night" and partnering with Josh Ramos, (formerly of The Storm, Two Fires and Hardline) to complete Ramos/Hugo album. Hugo's next project was getting together with Valentine for a one time album project called "Soul Salvation" which was released 2008/2009.


Hugo has many songs written and when time permits he will put out another solo project. Right now he's enjoying his time with VOYAGE, a musical tribute to Steve Perry and Journey featuring world class players top in their field. 



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